Be it a one off requirement, a small run to test the market, or you just need a small quantity of boxes quickly we can help. We can make a single box to your individual size from our stock material in a range of box styles. Help maximise your cash-flow and space not your stock of boxes by using Cumbria Box for your local box requirements. We hold a range of stock material, from which we can make a number of box styles to your individual dimensions.

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Regular Box

0201 Outer flaps meet

The Industry standard box style – used for postal, storage and export packaging.

We can make boxes or wraps for postal shipping from standard or strong single-wall board to keep shipping costs down or from very strong double wall board for those heavier items that need more protection.

Open Top Box


No top flaps, bottom outer flaps meet (used for display or easy access especially if combined with a lid to seal the box).

When made from double wall with a lid this style makes a very strong archive box.

Fully Overlapping Flaps Box


Outer flaps fully overlap (give increased top and bottom cushioning and strength).

Telescopic Box


Outer flaps meet, top slides over bottom (base and lid often used for multi-depth items)

5 Panel Wrap Center


Centre meeting flaps- centre and end taping- also good for thin items, often used as book mailer.

Telescopic 5 panel wrap


A versitle style made in two sections for packaging of multi length items.

5 Panel Wrap End


Side and end taping,  sides of pack have double thickness material for added strength- (often used for thin items such as pictures)



Wrap Around Mailer




Outer flaps meet (a good style

for pictures and other slim items




Corner taping/ sealing with solid base– used for open transit and display of items.

Tray and Lid


Corner taping with solid base/lid – protective transit pack with easy display when needed.

Pallet Pack Style


Combination of Tray and lid with stitched sleeve (single or two piece stitched depending upon size required) - A versatile pack that allows easy loading and secure transit when sealed or strapped to the pallet and  is often used for full or part sized pallets for distance or export transit.


Divisions  0933

Divisions for wine or other bottles can be made at partial or full height to suit any box size.

They can be made for 4, 6, 8, 12,15 or 18.



Multipurpose filler, divider or separator piece

Creased Pad


Creates packaging support within an outer pack or even a 3D packing piece if glued or taped into a filler shape. (Can be used to create buffer zones around delicate items.