Cumbria Box is a family business run by Louise and Stephen Barkley. Cumbria Box specialises in making individually sized cardboard boxes and packaging in small quantities to suit your needs, whatever the quantity you require. Customer service and delivering a solution to your packaging requirements are our priority.

Cumbria Box is a member of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

Quality Approach

Our aim is to provide consistently top quality service and products to all customers.

Our Environmental Approach

As Cumbria Box is rurally based amidst a farming community our approach to recycling is very strong. 100% of our board off-cuts and process waste material is used to make recycled  Eco friendly packaging such as our Flexi-Box packaging material. Any waste material is  turned into cardboard briquettes for use on our log burner so nothing is wasted in our manufacturing process.

Corrugated board used to make cardboard packaging has one of the best recovery and recycling records of any packaging material on earth and it is one of the few packaging materials that reaches the targets set by the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

Corrugated board often called cardboard is made from natural and renewable resources and after use, as it is 100% recyclable, it becomes new paper again for the benefit of the environment.

Our corrugated board material is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and is made from 90% recycled waste or recovered paper.

Benefits of using Cumbria Box

  • Custom made boxes; our boxes are made to your individual dimensions and requirements.

  • Any quantity; you buy only what you need, saving money tied up in stock and storage space.

  • Fast turnaround, usually made the same day for your collection or next day delivery

  • Local, you can collect to save time and money.

  • Family run business focusing on customer service to make your needs our priority.